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We operate from our SF office with global partners

Our Promise to the new clients

After the initial contact, you will be assigned a manager that will be talking with you about the transport. You will recieve a quote and in case there is any raised questions it will be discussed over email or via phone. Phasellus tempor, magna vel ullamcorper efficitur, eros dui vulputate mauris, eu tempus tellus erat et dolor.

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  • Transportation assistance
  • Unlimited packages sizes
  • Biggest sea cargo company
  • Cargo insurance

Our Team

Get familiar with our team members


Ann Peterson

Ann is a CEO and the main person in our operation


Luis Calvillo

Luis is a professional driver for Global since 2010


Jason Bailey

Jason is the CTO of Global and plane pilot

Warehouse Manager

Sammy Lawson

Sammy is our Manager and an awesome guy